Freelancer needed:

1. Link builder


  1. Work with the search engine optimization Manager to investigate web sites
  2. Should be good enough on extracting backlink sites for local seo.
  3. Use hreflang tag to avoid content duplicacy.
  4. Perform online reputation management from different social media channels.
  5. Report to search engine optimization Manager with successes, development and opportunities
  6. Should have slight knowledge of google analytics.


1. Must know how to write blogs and articles.

2. Should have bachelor degree atleast.

3. Must have creativity and motivational factor.

4. Eager to learn New things.


2. Content writer


a. Must have past experiences on writing blogs and articles.

b. Should have worked on travel, fashion and hospitality industry previously

c. Can write 3-4 contents in a day.

d. should know how to use search operator to find guest blogging.

e. Mut be creative in writing content.


Note; Interested candidate should drop their resume on