Privacy Policy

Important Policy From BYAAK Digital

Data collection

  • We collect users private Data through third party google analytics tool and maintan its details in unique order.
  • In terms of collecting data we extract the user information like deviceid, name , email address, phone no, ip address through our data bases management ystem.
  • We never sells data to any marketing or third party agency without users consent which may harm the goodwill of user.
  • Our client users data mostly conssts of their business credentials so we have to protect their private terms by an agreement.
  • We never entertain data gains by the ad servers and as per the goals and objectives of our business.
  • We also update general data collected for client but only on the request of individual client.


Advertising Information & Data

  • We collect data from advertising like facebook and google adwords advertising to uplift conversion rate of business.
  • The data thus collected by facebook for our page our website are handled to do further advertising of products of business.
  • The creatives for facebook advertising or adwords campaign are managed by comany itself.It has noting to do wih us apart from setting up the budget in cmpaign.


Security Information

  • All the information collected for client are protected by company general database management system.
  • The information uploaded by client is only saved at the cost of internet access.


Questions& complain

  • Any complains regarding to our technical issues of website can be communicate through contact page of this domain
  • Any changes to be made will be approved by the administrator as well.
  • We request you to please provide the following information in your complaint:-
  • Identification of the information provided by you;
  • Clear statement as to whether the information is personal information or sensitive personal information;
  • Your address, telephone number or e-mail address;