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Want To Increase Ads Profit? We are Leading PPC Management Consultant & Solution Provider specialize in bringing better conversion rate with relevant landing page design. We do have an expertise who will probably get you 100% return on investment. Being a conventional and professional pay per click advertising/management Agency & services provider in Nepal, we always target definite industries in gaining the customers from different platform either through Facebook or Google Ads. 10+ clients cannot be wrong! For Better understanding of how things work on social advertising feel free to drop us a quotes.

Our strategy

Our strategy includes the creation of landing page with high quality score after research analysis on highly and effective keyword with targeted audience which leads our professional to optimize the campaign, we build an adset with many ads unit in it as per the prefered location & language plus format as well which is one of the main deliverance process of any high profile & Top PPC Campaign Management Company. While performing such process we perform study of CTR ratio, ad group performance, keyword impression etc. Isn’t it how PPC advertising services work?

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Pay-per-click advertising

Byaak Digital has a proven track record of crafting effective pay-per-click campaigns. By tailoring an AdWords strategy that answers to your unique marketing objectives, we’ll ensure targeted traffic reaches your site at a managed cost. It’s that simple.

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Start Seeing Tangible Results

We’ll track each advertisement, ensuring it is pulling relevant, meaningful traffic through to your site. We will continue to refine your campaign, monitoring your click through and conversion rates. This advanced approach to PPC will ensure a greater return on your investment.

We’re the link between marketing objectives and tangible results.
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REEL THEM BACK IN WITH GOOGLE REMARKETING The Google Display Network allows you to target users who have already shown interest in your brand or product, without taking action.

Visits your site
User is tracked
User leaves your site
your ad on another site


  • With higher conversion rates, you’ll enjoy more sales and increased profit.
  • You will profit from increased brand exposure and awareness.
  • We will manage your campaign to an agreed budget, ensuring a positive ROI.

What is Google Remarketing ?

Remarketing is an effective way to encourage browsers back to your website, targeting indecisive customers with a tailored ad that can close the deal.

For example: Let’s say a customer visits your online shoe store and places a pair of shoes in the shopping cart. However, they decide to save their money for now and don’t complete the purchase. A remarketing message will subtly expose them to your brand, enticing them back to finish the transaction.

PPC Package

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