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Data visualization is an exhibition of art which requires research and analysis none of which can be done without implying data. It helps us to make relevant decision. Data Analysis & visualization is all about finding positive and negative correlation between metric defined within data which might influence the business perspectives and goals as well. "Automate repetitive & complex analytic processes".


BYAAK Data Visualization Services: We provide unique business intelligence services that helps to identify trends, performances & comparisons towards goals and objectives. Since our brain is quite and often responsive to quickly analyze and understand visualization a lot faster than what we extract through reading and interpreting text so we spot outliers to solve your problem in business. Let me remind you we have best business Intelligence and data analysis developer team you could ever find.



Process flow: 

  • Define the objectives of client

  • Receive the data in any format like excel.

  • Clean it if needed

  • Define kPI as per the requirements

  • Use tools like R, Python to explore metrics

  • Prepare dashboards and reports.


Tools we use: For definite and accurate exploration of dimension and metrics involved in Data we prefer tools like tableau, power BI, python libraries which gives us 100% acces to find real insights from data. We prepare dashboards and report for clients and share it on real time basis which is viewable from client side.



Our pricing structure varies from hour to monthly basis which is off Hourly basis: $8/hr (40hr/week) Monthly basis: $800/ month


Data privacy : We have comprehensive security in place which avoid any theft loss or loss of your precious data. In addition to this we will be glad to sign a confidential agreement.