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For any organization in order to gain higher analytical productivity there always arises a need for quality data enrichment services and processing a large data base doesn’t mean much until right information is extracted. We help to classify, modify, replace, delete and collect information from variety of data fields.


We as unique Data cleaning Agency & Services provider in Birgunj, Nepal help companies to improvised data quality in all file formats and computer system databases(digital, online and offline)CRM data, omnichannel data etc. We help to eliminate poor quality data and make sure the decisions are made on consistent and accurate information."Enhance the Value of Your Data"?



Process flow:

  • Data cleaning requirements

  • Service level agreement such as pricing.

  • Appointment to allocate data cleaning tasks.

  • Import unclean data (excel, csv etc format)

  • Quality check to monitor data cleaning accuracy.

  • Final delivery via method specify by the client.



Our pricing structure varies from hour to monthly basis which is off Hourly basis: $8/hr(40hr/week) Monthly basis: $800/ month.

Get Ready to Improvise & Optimize Your Data Quality with us?


Tools we use: For avoiding data duplication and repeatation or some occurence of null values we use free and open licensed tools like R and python which has wide variety of libraries and helps us to transform unstructure data to Normal form without any hassle.


Data privacy : We have comprehensive security in place which avoid any theft loss or loss of your precious data. In addition to this we will be glad to sign a confidential agreement.